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Optical Communications and Networking

Since the introduction of optical fibers in 1966, optical communications has enabled the dominance of Internet in every corner of the globe. As we depend increasingly on high speed connections anywhere and anytime, optical communications continue to shape and transform the way we will live in future. 


We are a group of people working on next generation fiber-optic communications and networks. We combine the physics of light and matter, the intricate fabrics of mathematics/statistics and the engineering spirit of making real-world impacts. Our innovations and state-of-the-art facilities enable world-record breaking demonstrations and show the way forward.  


We aspire to make further contributions to enable next generation data centers, long-distance communications, VR, immersive video, 8K and beyond and help define what it means by "communications" in our future.  

News and Upcoming Events

OFC 2018
CLEO-PR 2018
SPPCom 2018
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